Probleme beim download

Derzeit kommt es leider bei verschiedenen Browsern wiederholt zu Problemen mit dem Herunterladen von Dokumenten, der Windows Explorer auf den BWI Rechnern ist derzeit kaum betroffen. Es wird bereits an einer Lösung des Problems gearbeitet. Sollten Sie dieses Problem ebenfalls haben, bitten wir Sie dennoch uns eine Mail an [email protected] zu schreiben, damit wir ein komplettes Bild vom Ausmaß der Störung bekommen.

Herbert, Hptm

Important message regarding availability of Portal MilAIS support

Telephone support is only possible to a limited extent until further notice. You are kindly requested to send your request only by email to support(at) That mail should contain a brief description of the matter, a contact person and a civil(!) phone number. The MilAIS support portal will then call back promptly.

Produktionskalender 2021

Anbei finden Sie den Produktionskalender für das Jahr 2021



Aufgrund technischer Probleme werden zur Zeit sehr viele Accounts archiviert.
Sollten Sie davon auch betroffen sein, legen Sie bitte kein neues Benutzerkonto an.

Zur Wiederherstellung des Accounts ist es unerlässlich, dass Sie von Ihrer *(at) e-mail Adresse eine Nachricht senden, mit der Bitte um Aktivierung Ihres Benutzerkontos.


Provision of AAFIF and VVOD

Effective immediately, the MilAIS portal provides both AAFIF (Automated Air Facilities Intelligence Files) and VVOD (VPF Vertical Obstruction Database).

AAFIF can be found under "Publications" -> "NGA (US DOD)" -> "AAFIF"
VVODs have to be requested by e-mail, as the corresponding files are too large to be made available for download.

Extension of Edition 25 LFC Europe and offprints TFC (L) 33-10 Berlin, 33-11 Frankfurt (Oder)

Due to extensive airspace changes in the Berlin area, LFC Europe Germany Sheets 1 – 6, Edition 25, will remain valid until November 4th, 2020. LFC Europe Germany Edition 26 will be published on
05 November 2020.

At the same time, special editions will be published for TFC(L) sheets 33-10 Berlin and 33-11 Frankfurt (Oder)

Kundenforum MilAIS 2020

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

das Zentrum Luftoperationen Ber Nat Fü III c gibt hiermit bekannt, dass die diesjährige Veranstaltung Kundenforum MilAIS 2020 im Wunderland Kalkar, aufgrund der aktuellen COVID-19 Situation, leider nicht stattfinden wird.

Die Veranstaltung wird für das Jahr 2021 neu geplant und wir hoffen diese unter besseren Umständen in gewohnter Art und Weise durchführen zu können.
Informationen zu Terminen, Ablauf und Inhalten werden im Portal MilAIS rechtzeitig bekannt gegeben.

Zentrum Luftoperationen Ber NatFü III c wünscht Ihnen und Ihren Familien viel Gesundheit.

TMZ / TMZ with air-ground voice communication watch for the products LFC Europe Germany and TFC (L) 2nd Series Germany

With the AIRAC event in March 2020, the DFS set up new TMZ / TMZ with air-ground voice communication watch. The products LFC Europe Germany and TFC (L) 2nd Series Germany do not represent these elements according to the current specifications. We have been informed by users of these products, that the inclusion of these elements is necessary for the safe execution of flight operations. After consultation with LufABw, we immediately started updating the products LFC Europe Germany and TFC (L) 2nd Series Germany.

The provision of the TMZ / TMZ with air-ground voice communication watch is as follows:

LFC Europe Germany - Print editions:
- Amendment of Edition 25 with ACHAD DEU 284, valid from August 13, 2020
- Edition 26, release date October 08, 2020, including TMZ / TMZ with air-ground voice communication watch

LFC Europe Germany - digital edition:
- From issue 2-2020, release date June 18, 2020, including TMZ / TMZ with air-ground voice communication watch

TFC (L)2nd Series Germany - print editions:
- Amendments will be published for print packages 1 to 3-2020 and special editions with
ACHAD DEU 284, valid from August 13, 2020
- From package 4-2020, release date August 13, 2020, including TMZ / TMZ with air-ground voice communication watch

TFC (L) 2nd Series Germany - digital editions:
- From the first publication on June 18, 2020 including TMZ / TMZ with air-ground voice communication watch

For questions please contact:

Email: [email protected]
MIL: 90 4223-781 -783
Tel: +49 6103 3105 781 – 783

TFC(L) 2nd Series Germany – Digital edition every AIRAC cycle

On June 18, 2020, TFC(L) 2nd series Germany will be published for the first time as a digital edition with an update according to the AIRAC cycle. All amendments for the current cycle are taken into account in the product.

You will find the new product as usual in the area:
Library --> Publications --> Download Publications.

Since this is a new product, we rely on your feedback for the optimization.
We would like to encourage you to make active use of this.

For questions and suggestions, please contact:

Email: [email protected]
MIL: 90 4223-781 -783
Tel: +49 6103 3105 781 - 783

TFC(L) 2nd Series Germany – New aeronautical and topographical legend

on May 21, 2020 the first ten map sheets (package 1 and special editions) of the TFC (L) 2nd Series Germany will be published for the first time with the legend of the aeronautical content in the left margin of the map.
Since all map sheets in this map series, which do not yet contain this new legend, will be updated step by step in map packages during the year, the new legend of aeronautics, as well as the legend of the topographical content, will be provided for download as a PDF file in the “Portal Aeronautical Publications” ( under Library - Aeronautical Charts -Public Data.

The aeronautical legend of the TFC (L) 2nd Series Germany, Edition 2-DGID from January 2015, will therefore become invalid on May 21, 2020.

the ending "_, attachment"

At the end of March, the MilAIS portal was updated to a new version with in part extensive changes by an external service provider. Unfortunately, the update didn't go very smoothly.

A known problem: Files will be downloaded with the extension "_, attachment".

Until a solution is found, there are the following alternatives:
if you remove the ending "_, attachment" (in such a way that the file ends with ".pdf" for example) and then go to "Open with ..." -> "Adobe Acrobat", the files are usable.

Produktionskalender aeronautische Informationsprodukte und -dienste

Produktionskalender aeronautische Informationsprodukte und -dienste 2020


The Web-AUP upgraded to Live Web-AUP

Together with DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH, the Air Operations Command has made the WebAUP more efficient.
The improved WebAUP provides not only the planning of airspace allocation based on the previous day's status, but also all real-time information on the subsequent booking, use and return of airspace managed by the Airspace Management Cell.

For the users of general aviation, the real-time situation provides significant added value.
In a further expansion stage, it is planned to graphically map the complete NOTAM situation in the medium term. The previous functions (export of PDF and KML as well as filter options) are still available.
An interface to the airspace management system was required in order to map the real-time situation. For this purpose, the Web AUP migrated from the MilAIS portal to the AIS portal of DFS.

The new WebAUP can be found on the DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH website under the "Service" button.
After optional selection of the time windows or the lower and upper limits of the airspaces and activation of the "print plan" button, a PDF can be created and a KML file can be exported (see buttons below the briefing).
In addition, it is much easier to display additional airspaces if required by the customer.

The old WebAUP on the portal will be discontinued on 27 September.

You'll find the AUP at: