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Produktionskalender aeronautische Informationsprodukte und -dienste

Produktionskalender aeronautische Informationsprodukte und -dienste 2020


The Web-AUP upgraded to Live Web-AUP

Together with DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH, the Air Operations Command has made the WebAUP more efficient.
The improved WebAUP provides not only the planning of airspace allocation based on the previous day's status, but also all real-time information on the subsequent booking, use and return of airspace managed by the Airspace Management Cell.

For the users of general aviation, the real-time situation provides significant added value.
In a further expansion stage, it is planned to graphically map the complete NOTAM situation in the medium term. The previous functions (export of PDF and KML as well as filter options) are still available.
An interface to the airspace management system was required in order to map the real-time situation. For this purpose, the Web AUP migrated from the MilAIS portal to the AIS portal of DFS.

The new WebAUP can be found on the DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH website under the "Service" button.
After optional selection of the time windows or the lower and upper limits of the airspaces and activation of the "print plan" button, a PDF can be created and a KML file can be exported (see buttons below the briefing).
In addition, it is much easier to display additional airspaces if required by the customer.

The old WebAUP on the portal will be discontinued on 27 September.

You'll find the AUP at:

Introduction of collating marks

To improve product quality, certain FLIPs will show collating marks, beginning with editions dated 12 SEP 2019.

The correct sheet sequence will be visible and the occurrence of missing, double or mixed up sheets will be recognizable at a glance.

Release Edition 23 of LFC Europe Germany

Edition 23 of the LFC Europe Germany Sheet 1 to 6 will be published on 25 APR 2019.
Use Edition 22 with the Aeronautical Chart Amendment Document (ACHAD) until new release.

Validity of Flight Information Handbook - Royal Air Force


The current Flight Information Handbook effective from 12 May 2017 is to remain in use until further notice.
Users are advised to refer to the En Route Bulletin section 6 for further detail.

You will receive your usual standing order quantity as the new version becomes effective.