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Publication Calendar 2019

Publication calendar 2019 with AIRAC dates and submission deadlines.


Release Edition 23 of LFC Europe Germany

Edition 23 of the LFC Europe Germany Sheet 1 to 6 will be published on 25 APR 2019.
Use Edition 22 with the Aeronautical Chart Amendment Document (ACHAD) until new release.

Validity of Flight Information Handbook - Royal Air Force


The current Flight Information Handbook effective from 12 May 2017 is to remain in use until further notice.
Users are advised to refer to the En Route Bulletin section 6 for further detail.

You will receive your usual standing order quantity as the new version becomes effective.

Low Flying Chart (LFC) Europe - Germany new format

With the springtime edition 2018 (Edition 22, effective 26.04.2018) the LFC Europe - Germany will be published in a new format. Instead of 3 chart sheets provided there will be 6 chart sheets.
See the new format attached.