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Airspace Use Plan

The Web-AUP upgraded to Live Web-AUP

Together with DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH, the Air Operations Command has made the WebAUP more efficient.
The improved WebAUP provides not only the planning of airspace allocation based on the previous day's status, but also all real-time information on the subsequent booking, use and return of airspace managed by the Airspace Management Cell.

For the users of general aviation, the real-time situation provides significant added value.
In a further expansion stage, it is planned to graphically map the complete NOTAM situation in the medium term. The previous functions (export of PDF and KML as well as filter options) are still available.
An interface to the airspace management system was required in order to map the real-time situation. For this purpose, the Web AUP migrated from the MilAIS portal to the AIS portal of DFS.

The new WebAUP can be found on the DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH website under the "Service" button.
After optional selection of the time windows or the lower and upper limits of the airspaces and activation of the "print plan" button, a PDF can be created and a KML file can be exported (see buttons below the briefing).
In addition, it is much easier to display additional airspaces if required by the customer.

The old WebAUP on the portal will be discontinued on 27 September.

ED-R extension

Application form for a temporal / spatial extension or temporary deactivation of ED-R(s).


Bilini trial

The analysis and creation of the the closing Report is finished
A DFS press release and
a movie about the traffic and airspaces during Bilini Trial.

Bilini.pdf contains the link


ASMSG 03.02.2016

This chapter contains the presentation about 4D visualisation and the WebAUP, which was briefed in the Airspace Managent Subgroup Meeting and four associated movies:

FUA: The attached movie shows "flexible use of airspace" in Germany e.g 16. July 2013. and clarifies the temporal and vertical aspect of military airspaces bookings, particular along civil main transit routes, e.g. Karlsruhe - Luxembourg.

AIP_AUP: clarifies over the daily timeline the volume which is available by AIP and the dynamic streamlining by the AUP

TRA_CDR: shows the interplay between TRAs and the Conditional Air-routes CDR.

Putlos: half a year in 30 seconds depits that dynamic FUA has reached firing areas.


Description of the Airspace Use Plan

The Airspace use Plan is the official medium for the daily notification by an airspace management cell of the national airspace allocation for the following day. It contains only the planning for the stated day from 06:00 UTC to 06:00 UTC the day after.


WebAUP Google Map & FUA

Only simplified airspaces extruded to the ground are created for the 2D presentation in Google Maps. On individual request "hovering" 3D airspaces can be forwarded as a kml file. A sorting via the level band of the airspace booking is offered. In the attached article the 3D view with timeslider is shown on the example Terra Explorer or similar with Gogle Earth