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25.07.2017 11:49

Test phase AUP AIP BNL

According your request, we are going to implement the AIP and the temporary airspaces (BNL - mil NOTAM) into to the presentation of the AUP. The AIP is daily updated (holidays, sunset, sunrise...). For the time being you must selct the category AIP and BNL individually, to be shown in the common presentation. The BNL will be presented also in the Addition of the AUP. Also we will offer the BNL as a Textfile as DSV and SKYTRAXX input - examples in the download. Work in Progress. BE

17.12.2015 08:51

WebAUP Disclaimer

WebAUP doesn't contain any updates (cancellation, shifting or short term addition) after the publication! The General Rules specified in ENR 5.1 of the AIP Germany continue to be in force. To transit of the AIP Volume of an activated restricted area, obtaining the relevant permit is still mandatory. The term "NOT ACTIVE" designates the timeframe outside die opening times by AIP or during a deactivation via NOTAM, "NOT USED" designates the time frame free of bookings within the AIP opening times. Not all airspaces acc AIP are covered.

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